About Export Navigator

Our advisors are passionate about helping B.C. businesses grow. With decades of experience across multiple industries, we apply our expert knowledge to help B.C. businesses achieve their exporting potential.

Our team is passionate about helping B.C. businesses!

History of the program

In 2016, after studies found that B.C. businesses were unaware of the number and type of export services that were available to them, it became clear that a streamlined service to help businesses grow would be helpful. This is when the Export Navigator program was created.

To ensure businesses across the province received appropriate support, a program was designed that was community-focused, delivered in-person, and concentrated on streamlining businesses to appropriate support.

Export Navigator was launched as a pilot program in four communities in October 2016 and expanded to two new B.C. communities in April 2017. The pilot was highly successful in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs expand their markets, and as a result, it was transitioned into a fully-funded program in April 2019.