In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and improve efficiency. Many software options exist to support businesses, but they often lack a tailored design to meet the specific needs of an organization.

Tandem Studios helps businesses across industries gain clarity and control in software development by providing technical leadership consulting and software development services. Established in 2021, Tandem operates as a fully remote team of ten employees across Western Canada.

Partnerships Director, Paul Boici, explains. “We feel that many software development companies deliver exceptional value in particular aspects of software projects, but rarely provide a well-rounded offering. This idea is what inspired us to start Tandem.”

With more public policy embracing climate action, private investors are looking to fund technological breakthroughs in the field; a promising opportunity for Tandem to expand into new markets. Specializing in digital transformation, Tandem aims to establish itself as a recognized technology partner for companies in the clean tech industry.

Export Navigator helped Tandem effectively engage its target market, enabling the business to broker a new contract with a solar panel installation company. The $650,000 in expected revenue will support the expansion of its software development team.

A clean transition

Paul first reached out to Export Navigator after learning about the service through a fellow business owner at a Small Business BC event. He was quickly connected with export advisor, Jason Seed to discuss growth strategies. Together, they explored how Tandem could leverage Canada’s international reputation for excellence in natural resource management and clean technology when engaging with international clients.

“Reducing environmental impact continues to be a top priority for industries across the world,” says Paul. “With our track record of delivering efficient and compliant systems, we see an opportunity for exporting our services along the West Coast of the United States.”

While Tandem has a strong network of clients and business partners in Western Canada, when it came to exporting, the company struggled to expand past their referral-based community.

Navigating export opportunities

Export advisor Jason connected Tandem with opportunities to grow its network through government programs and initiatives that could be used to support its international expansion.

“Jason has time and again given us a broader understanding of what programs and initiatives we could qualify for, in addition to personal insight and support in assessing our strengths and weaknesses,” Paul emphasizes. “This, in turn, has empowered us to better select which opportunities to commit ourselves to.”

As a result of Export Navigator’s guidance, Tandem participated in the Trade Accelerator Program in Victoria, which advanced their understanding on international commerce, the Canadian resources they have access to, and the pitfalls and risks to be mindful of when exporting their services.

“Jason also introduced us to contacts in other programs and areas of government, which gave us the opportunity to negotiate our own opportunities with greater confidence,” says Paul. “His first-hand entrepreneurial knowledge has proven invaluable as we establish ourselves in new markets.”

Ready for growth

Export Navigator helped Tandem understand its position in Canadian domestic markets and showed how the company can leverage Canada’s reputation in international expansion.

“With Export Navigator’s guidance, we are now better aligned with existing market trends, know how to engage with American clients, and have a clear path forward,” Paul shares. “We are currently brokering a deal with a solar panel installation company which amounts to $650,000 in expected revenue, and have recently hired a new employee to help with our software development capacity.”

Paul maintains regular engagements with his export advisor, continuing to benefit from the connections provided.

“The mix of personal mentorship and the calibre of the export advisors are invaluable,” Paul notes. “We would not hesitate to recommend Export Navigator to any business owner who is looking to dive into markets.”

Jason Seed