The Steps To Exporting

To make the exporting process as simple as possible, we’ve broken down the steps into four stages. This is called the export pathway. If your business is at stage 4 of the export pathway, you could be ready to export.

Remember, once you’ve joined the program, your advisor will be with you for every step of the process. You are not alone!

What are the steps of the export pathway?

The export pathway consists of four stages: awareness, planning, market entry, and market development & growth

Throughout your export journey, your personal export advisor will walk you through each stage of the process connecting you with resources, industry connections, and support services along the way. You’ll be put in touch with service providers, government trade officers, and more. This ensures that your business is set up for success in your new foreign market.

When you reach the end of the export pathway, your business will have a fully-developed export strategy that you can use to grow your sales beyond B.C.

The export pathway: