What to Expect

Welcome to Preparing to Export Agri-foods! Agri-food is a vital part of all people’s lives, as well as the Canadian economy. In this e-course, we will help agri-food suppliers export their products by identifying their target market(s), navigating regulations, identifying modes of transportation and distribution, as well as providing resources and programs for support.

Canada’s agri-foods are internationally renowned for its high standards of quality and food safety, making it a prime commodity to export. Exporting agri-food is quite different from exporting other kinds of goods, given the specific requirements for perishables, packaging, and other considerations. Preparing to Export Agri-foods will touch on a number of scenarios you may encounter when getting your product to a new market.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Learn how to choose the best market for your agri-food
  • Understand the regulations for agri-food exporters
  • Learn how to identify different modes of transportation and distribution channels

Whether your agri-food business is just getting started or already fully established, Preparing to Export Agri-foods can guide your journey. Start the course today!

Lesson Structure

This course includes 3 lessons with printable handouts for your reference. At the end of each lesson, take the quiz to test your knowledge and proceed further. Participants should go through the course in sequence, starting with lesson 1. The full course should take 60 – 90 minutes to complete.

Lesson 1 - Getting Started

3 Topics | 1 Quiz

Lesson 2 - Details and Documents

3 Topics | 1 Quiz

Lesson 3 – Accessing Support

3 Topics | 1 Quiz

Wrap-Up Resources and Next Steps

0 Topics | 0 Quizzes

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