How Export Navigator Works

The Export Navigator program offers free expert guidance to businesses on exporting. Whether your business already exports at volume or you run a smaller enterprise that hasn’t yet crossed borders, once accepted into the program, you will be connected with a helpful advisor who will demystify the export process. Although the current climate has disrupted the flow of goods and services, your advisor will discuss the ways you can diversify your market and strengthen your business during this time.

Who the program is for

If your business is looking to grow and is located in one of our regions, we can help you on your export journey! Our regional advisors do not serve Greater Vancouver or Greater Victoria, but do serve the rest of B.C. For businesses outside of our regional catchment area, there are other services available and you can contact Small Business BC to find out more.

We have helped all kinds of companies with their exporting journey. From an engineering company in Eastern B.C. to a skincare company on Vancouver Island, our experience is diverse. Have a read of our success stories to find out what it’s like to join the program.

Under-represented groups in business are important to us, and to deliver appropriate support, we offer specialized services for businesses owned by Indigenous Peoples, women, and youth, that are located anywhere in B.C., apart from Greater Vancouver or Greater Victoria.

About our advisors

Exporting can seem intimidating, but your advisor will guide you through each step of the process in a way that is easy to understand and applicable to your business. Whether you’re looking to export agri-food products to Asia or sell products online, our advisors will help you set and achieve realistic exporting goals.

Your dedicated advisor knows your region, your community, and will get to know your business. Our regional advisors each cover a different area of B.C. to provide the best possible service to that region. We also provide dedicated advisors for Indigenous, youth, and women-owned businesses located outside of Greater Vancouver and Greater Victoria.

Throughout your journey in the program, you will only need one contact from Export Navigator — your advisor’s. This creates a personal relationship and a first-class service for your business. 

Your advisor will provide:

  • Hours of free expert advice 
  • Step-by-step guidance, at your pace
  • Strategy and planning to guide the growth of your business
  • Connections and information specific to your market and industry
  • Access to the most up-to-date resources for interprovincial or international exporting
  • An assessment of the export readiness of your business

The steps to joining the free program


Step 1

Fill out our form

This quick step takes less than 5 minutes and helps us determine whether you’re eligible for the program.

Fill Out The Form


Step 2

We’ll find your advisor

Once we confirm your eligibility, we will introduce an advisor that is a good fit for you.


Step 3

Your advisor will reach out

Your advisor will reach out to you to find out more about your business.


Step 4

Your journey starts

When accepted into the program, your advisor will offer one-on-one guidance to help your business reach for its exporting potential.