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Export Navigator helped Queen Bee Farm export outside of B.C

Queen Bee Farm

Native bee species are dying off at alarming rates in Canada, but there’s a little organic farm just outside of Victoria, B.C. that’s doing its part to...

Export Navigator helped Moccasin Trails pivot and develop a strategic plan

Moccasin Trails

What better way to learn about history than to experience it firsthand? That’s what Frank Antoine and Greg Hopf thought when they first talked about ways to...

Export Navigator helped EMKAO Foods export outside of B.C


EMKAO Foods Inc. is redefining transparency in the chocolate industry. A food processing company based in Mission B.C., EMKAO imports cocoa beans grown in Cameroon, Equatorial Africa...

Export Navigator helped Salt Spring Island Sea Salt export outside of B.C

Salt Spring Island Sea Salt

Growing up next to the sea in the south of France, Philippe Marill can’t remember a single meal that wasn’t flavoured with a dash of the local...

Export Navigator helped VinoSpa export outside of B.C


What better combination exists than a glass of wine and a day at the spa? Understanding that symbiotic relationship, 40 Knots Winery in Comox, B.C. brought the...

Export Navigator helped Shade Sails export outside of B.C

Shade Sails

When Neil Roe partnered with his son, Brydon Roe, to start Shade Sails Canada in Revelstoke, B.C., it was a merging of their skillsets, experience and respect...

Export Navigator helped BC Brine Preservation Co export outside of B.C

BC Brine Preservation Co.

Following their love of artisan foods, and desire to make the best Canadian pickles, Quinton Woronchak and his partner, Allison Recksiedler launched B.C. Brine Preservation Co. in...

Export Navigator helped Gogglesoc export outside of B.C


Like many great business ideas, Gogglesoc started as an elegant solution to a common problem. Living in Whistler, B.C. and fed-up with having to replace scratched-up goggle...

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